Adam Moses

Frank ValerianiAdam was born and raised in Sydney, Australia. He started playing music on the trombone at age 8, and music has been a part of his life ever since. At age 16, after playing the tennis racket in front of the mirror to Dire Straits, his mother gave in and bought him a guitar. "My first influences were a trio of British guitar players: Eric Clapton, Brian May of "Queen" and most importantly Mark Knopfler of "Dire Straits". "Mark has such a beautiful tone in his playing, he showed me how to play a single note on the guitar and make it as beautiful as playing one hundred". Heavily influenced by the rock and pop genres, Adam also began singing extensively, leading bands and performing at the Sydney Opera House when he was 14 years old.
He excelled in music in high school, playing trombone and guitar in the bands, singing with multiple vocal ensembles and took lessons from Mark Williams, a famous singer in Australia in the 90's (Mark has become the "Australian Idol" vocal coach).

Jimmy Roach, Adam's guitar teacher at the time, decided to try and expand Adam's musical ear, exposing him to guitarists like Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Jim Hall, Chet Atkins, and John Scofield. He had always been listening to a wide variety of music from his heritage in Indian and Jewish music to the be-bop and big band era, which his mother was a big fan of.

By the end of high school, he had become an avid composer, excelling in pop-oriented writing and learning and arranging for small group instrumentation. When he finished high school, he came 3rd in the state of New South Wales, beating some 26,000 other music students in both composition and performance. His compositions were used as the bench mark for the following years as a perfect score.

Adam moved to Las Vegas in 2003 to pursue a bachelor of jazz studies at UNLV. He studied with Joe Lano, one of the world's greatest guitar players, and teachers. He has continued his love for arranging by studying with Dave Loeb, the director of jazz studies, writing big band arrangements, and learning how to transfer his thoughts onto paper. Adam continues to sing with his own band and is a freelance musician on guitar and voice across the Las Vegas valley, singing and playing on private gigs and corporate functions, to weddings. He also sustained a weekly gig at the jazz club in Las Vegas for a number of time, leading the band, running the jam session and playing guitar and singing.

Since moving to Las Vegas in late 2003, Adam was the recipient of the Liberace Scholarship for Instrumental Excellence and currently the Joe Williams "Every Day" scholarship for jazz vocalists, he has been hired to play for the Las Vegas philharmonic, and he has played with some of the top musicians in Las Vegas and from around the world including: Bob Shepherd, Jiggs Whigham, Bruce Paulson, Tom Warrington, Dave Loeb, Bobby Shew, Ben Vereen, Joe LaBarbara, Tim Hagans, Chris Potter, Rich Perry, Gerald Wilson, Tal Wilkenfeld and JoBelle Yonely, to name a few.

Adam states his influences currently are that of John Scofield, Pat Metheny, Derek Trucks, Bill Evans, Frank Sinatra, Carmen McRae, Ray Charles, Harry Connick Junior. Joe Williams, Gil Evans, Art Blakey, Dexter Gordon and Joe Lano. His soloistic approach is an amalgamation of all the different styles and genres of music that have been injected into his mind. He continues to write music in the jazz and pop idioms and is currently writing and recording a solo album. In addition he is performing in Las Vegas, in a variety of groups, from small trios to large ensembles.