The Joe Williams Scholarship

2006 Joe Williams Scholarship Winners pictured with Ms. Jillean Williams

scholarship winners 2006

Sextet Members: Jaxon Corpuz Piano, Austin Pooley Drums,Nick Schmitt Bass, Max Acree Trombone,
Carlos Mata-Alverez Sax, Jorge Machain Trumpet
(photo courtesy of Ms. Joanne Gilbert - Las Vegas Jazz Masters Project)

Howard University Winners

Howard University Scholarship winners: Saxophonist Royce Hodnett, Trombonists Isaac Bell IV and Lloyd Owen Jones III. Spring concert was a tribute to Donald Byrd found of the Jazz Studies program at Howard University.


Howard University 2012-13 students

Joe Williams Scholarships are for jazz students who are talented, driven to succeed, and who are generally expected to conduct themselves well throughout their college years.
To this end, the Foundation has chosen to date to enlist the experience of leading music schools and their faculties in awarding the Joe Williams Scholarships.

In addition to helping build the next generation of musicians, the Foundation also seeks to determine which schools and other music organizations are most effective in their teaching, and communicate best with thefoundation on scholarship winners' progress and achievements.

Joe Williams Scholarship winners at those schools to date are:


JWEDF Website: Current Scholars Fall 2013

University of Nevada Las Vegas

Gyasi Greer              Drums
Julian Tanaka            Sax
Austin Pooley             Drums
Halsey Harkins Piano/Vocal
Carlos Manta-Alverez Sax
Jorge Machain Trumpet
Robert Max Acree Trombone
Nick Schmitt Bass
Jason Corpuz Sax
Marcus Flippen Drums
Anthony Wesley Bass
SUNY Purchase
Alec Safy Bass
Charles Cornell Piano
Evan Waltmire Sax
Michael Troy Sax
Nathaniel Ranson Trombone
Litchfield Jazz Camp
Ruben Dario Cova Siman Trumpet
Victor Machin Piano
Elisha P. Martin Acoustic Basss
Howard University
Isaac Bell IV Trombone
Royce Hognett Alto Sax
Lloyd Owens Jones II Trombone
Central State University
Ike Henry Percussion
Ephraim Taylor Percussion


University of Nevada
University Of Nevada, Las Vegas
Professor David Loeb, Director of Jazz Studies

Scholarships awarded in 2006

Trevor Davis - Bass
Nate Kimball - Trombone
Matt Pace - Trumpet
Laura Simpson - Vocalist
Julian Tanaka - Saxophone

Scholarships awarded in 2007

Otto Ehling - Piano
Joel Gibson - Trumpet
Abe Gumroyan - Bass
Adam Moses - Vocals, Guitar
Julian Tanaka - Saxophone
Frank Valeriani - Saxophone

Purchase College - State University of New York
Conservatory of Music
Professor Todd Coolman, Director of Jazz Studies

Scholarships awarded in 2007

Anne Boccato - Piano
Cameron Kayne - Bass
Martin Peters - Saxophone
David Saeva - Trombone
Alex Segal - Saxophone